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ABSMEDiQ® is recognized as one of the most advanced and sophisticated professional centers in Anti-Aging Medicine especially in medical sports, hormone, preventive health services and neutraceuticals.

Once, we provided our services as a part of Absolute Health Clinic-Integrative Medicine (Urbis Building 3Rd. Floor The AETAS Bangkok Hotel). With growing demand in wellness health services, we decide to spin off into a specialized wellness center. Led by Dr.Somboon Roongphornchai (M.D., OB&GYN, ABAAM, ACASP), we want to educate and to spread the word on Preventive Healthcare to the society. ABSMEDiQ® is based in the center of Bangkok, Thailand; with surrounding facilities such as hotels, sport centers, restaurants, business centers, etc.

ABSMEDiQ® focuses its programs on an individualized treatment programs for patients of all ages and on educating doctors and the public in Thailand and the region. As a learning center for interns and residents, we also conduct training for interested doctors and specialists from Thailand and abroad.

ABSMEDiQ® has pioneered a unique and individualized exercise prescription, which collaborate with experts from many well-known sports and fitness institutes and centers.

We offer a wide range of wellness cares such as Sports Medicine, Hormone, Weight Management and Beauty & Skin Cares for all individuals of all ages and families.